What's up with Macronutrients?

November 30th, 2015

Macronutrients;  Yeah, they're important.

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When it comes to creating an energy bar, macronutrients are arguably the most important piece to the nutritional puzzle.  Why? Because they ARE the source of energy for your body.  Macronutrients come in three forms: Carbohydrates, Fats, and Protein. (You've probably seen these on food labels.)  Each one plays a different role in the energy creating process.  Let's take a closer look!

Carbohydrates (carbs):  You've heard of em'! They often get a bad rap.  Carbohydrates come in many different forms, from simple sugars to complex-carbohydrates (such as those found in oats).  Carbs are the prime source of energy for your muscles when they're working.  Essentially, when your exercising or performing any kind of muscle movement, the body's preferred form of energy is Carbs. 

Fats:  They're not all that scary.  Fats are the most efficient form of energy. With a little more than twice the energy per gram as carbohydrates, fats provide a slower and more sustainable energy source.  However, not all fats are equal.  It is important to make sure to eat fats from healthy sources such as: nuts, seeds, and avocados.  These fats are great for long lasting energy.

Protein:  You don't need a shaker bottle to consume protein.  You can get proteins from meat, nuts, seeds, and even grains and vegetables.  Proteins are the building blocks of your body.  Your body experiences wear and tear throughout the day, proteins are needed to help repair and replace those worn cells within the body.  

 Bottom line, pay attention to your macronutrients.  The easiest way to be sure you're getting the right amount  of each macronutrient is to just eat a well balanced diet.  So next time you're at choosing on an energy bar, be sure to check out the Macronutrients and be sure they're up to code.  Or, you could just get a LoAdebar, cause we've already calculated all that for you.

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