Sharing LoAdebar Love in India

March 15th, 2017

Norma, thanks so much for making the Loadebars that we took with us to Hyderabad, India! We work with a Christian ministry there called Hope for Today….the picture attached to this email is all of the staff members, and we gave each of them 2 Loadebars with some other gifts in their bags. We had shared our personal stash of Loadebars on previous trips with a few of them and they loved the bars. So thanks to you, we brought enough to give each person 2 of their own! And we included your brochure in each bag and explained your ministry. A neat connection to now have people praying for your ministry in India! Thank you so much for donating a box of bars for our trip!!!!

Blessings, Becky
Posted by Loadebar Admin

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