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November 15th, 2016

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve all heard it a million times. Your dentist, doctor, coach or nutritionist pounding home the benefits of, and/or dire consequences of not drinking the standard 8 glasses or 8 ounces of water a day. We hear the science behind it. We understand the percentage of our body that is water is calculated to be about 70%, which interestingly enough, coincides with approximate amount of water the earth contains. This correlates with the fact that we were created from earth and mimic its makeup. For many of us though, knowing the good things to do, does not always translate to positive action to carry them out. Habits take time to form as well as break. It has been determined that it takes a minimum of 21 days to either establish or undo a habit. But, like any quest worth taking, becoming a more hydrated person begins with simply making a choice. “Wanting to” is most of the battle, because once we desire something, our actions begin to correlate with what it takes to acquire it. I wanted to guzzle a bit more water during the course of a day, but struggled with the best method to do so. I bought one of those huge jug type water bottles that hold your daily quota in one container. Not only was it heavy to lift for actual drinking, it was cumbersome to carry around all day and turned over in my car spilling my days’ worth of hydration into the carpet. Nice.

So, I bought smaller pretty decorative bottles that could be refilled. We’re landfill friendly, and I could fuel up from my 5 gallon drums I kept at home. A drawback was they also required hand washing with a bottle brush to clean them. When I was in a hurry and forgot to fill my bottles in advance, I headed out the door without them, figuring if the daily container mentioned above was cumbersome, the 5 gallon keg was out of the question, even in such a pinch : ). I tried buying a weeks’ worth of bigger bottles of water like alkaline brands that come closer to that proverbial 64 ounces. Which became expensive.

At present, my quest for proper hydration has brought me to a 6 bottle drink carrier actually designated for a six pack of beer, but recently repurposed to accommodate 6 bottles of 16 ounces of h2o. My daughter is a recycler, so the plastic bottles don’t go to landfills and I don’t suffer from carpal tunnel from the effort of lifting my all- inclusive jug, or end up dehydrated on those days I forgot to refill my pretty bottles, which left me in a dilemma. This works for me at the moment. I can easily determine how much I drank, and how much to go at a glance, and the handle on the case makes it easily portable. It is often trial and error when it comes to finding a system that works for each individual person, so don’t be discouraged if it is still a challenge to find ways to take in more water. Tap water filters, refillable bottles, large capacity containers and bottle carriers are only some of the ideas that are out there. I found what works for me, and you will too. : )

Written by Debra Elmore

Posted by Loadebar Admin | Topic: Education

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