15 Minutes Can Save You Time - Race Time, That Is.

February 2nd, 2016

By now, most of us know that,  “15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance”, but 15 minutes can also improve your motivation and fitness during the cold winter months.   LoAdebar Athlete, Kona finisher, and coach, Brian Lowman uses the “15 minute rule” to help him and his athletes stay motivated during those times when motivation is hard to find. 

Often times, the hardest part of training is getting out the door.  When you’re tired, going out for a workout can seem like a monstrous task.  And after time, you can really lose your training "groove".  However, Lowman’s "15-minute rule" fixes that.  

So what is this magical 15 minutes all about?  It’s simple.  It basically says, don’t make any decision till you’re 15 minutes through a workout. Don’t feel like running?  Don’t call it off.  Instead, go out for 15 minutes then decide.  Not feeling that gym session? Give it 15 minutes.  Chances are, after those precious 15 minutes are up, you will keep going and finish the workout.  This can work for all kinds of workouts:  swimming, cycling,running, weight training-- the list is endless.  So, whether you feel like it or not, just give it a quick 15 minute try.  This rule makes a previously inconceivable task seem like Childs play.  And trust us, if it works for a two time Kona finisher, it will work for you!

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