5 Ways to Enjoy a LoAdebar, or two.

December 7th, 2015

1. On The Bike: It's no secret we, at LoAdebar, are partial towards cycling.  Lets face it, LoAdebar was created to be cycling food. With it's high nutrient density, LoAdebar will keep you going strong, no matter how hard the ride is.

2. On a Hike:  Taking LoAdebars on a hike is like taking a full crew of sherpas to Mt. Everest; it's a perfect match.  So, wherever your hike takes you (Everest?), be sure to bring us along. You won't regret it!

3. At a coffee shop:  Everyone knows that coffee and a pastry go hand-in-hand, but pastries aren't the healthiest choice.  Boom! Out comes LoAdebar!  Perfect with a cup of Joe, and good for your body.  It'll be like a double punch of energy from a professional boxer!

4. While Studying:  We know, studying can be boring.  Take a LoAdebar with you and you can throw yourself a mid-study mini party break!  Bring one for your friends too. . . unless you like to party alone.


5. While Traveling:  Yeah, traveling is a great adventure, but finding food doesn't have to be.  Bring LoAdebar along so you know you'll always have a go to snack, just incase the airport food doesn't agree with your stomach.

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