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LoAdebar owner, Norma Maloney, recently talked to News Channel 9 about the history, passion and faith behind LoAdebar.  They interview her in the kitchen while she makes a batch.

Watch the video here

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A Leap of Faith

May 3rd, 2018

Norma Maloney
Founder of LoAdebar

From Parks to Power Bars → When Norma Maloney and her husband moved to Canada from Guyana, South America, it was business as usual. Having worked as a teller, Maloney continued with banking before shifting into computer programming for the Canadian parks department. But the big change was taking shape in her kitchen with a few simple ingredients that turned from family snack into personal mission.

Maloney began mixing together oats and a variety of nuts in 1995. “It was a hobby because my husband took up cycling very seriously. A friend of mine gave me a very basic recipe to make energy bars,” Maloney says. “I experimented with it because I loved eating healthy.” In 2006, her daughter suggested she sell her homemade bars. “I said, ‘Give me one year, and I’ll have the business up and running!’” Looking back, Maloney admits she was clueless.

Throughout the next five years (and moves to Houston, then Chattanooga), Maloney attended workshops, learning facets of entrepreneurship from packaging to marketing. “I had no prior knowledge of business, so I was stepping out in faith,” Maloney says. Her story could have ended at the outset if she’d taken some of the workshop advice she received. “The instructor told me I should think of doing something else because this market was saturated,” she says. “But by then, it was too late. It was already sealed in my heart, and I knew it was bigger than making an energy bar.”

She remained steadfast to make the leap because of her faith. Before giving the concept a name, Maloney experienced a higher call to purpose. “I knew that I was being called to create a loaded energy bar that was more than just a healthy snack for the body,” she says. “The name Lo-Debar is a city in the Bible that is a picture of barrenness and low living. The ‘A’ represents Almighty God, Abba Father encountering us in that place with His love to bring healing and restoration.”

Maloney says the brand’s mission is two-fold: help people enjoy better health and equip them with necessary education, skills, and resources to fulfill their God-given purpose. “We believe that every person is created for greatness.”

This article is part of a longer article on City Scope Magazine's website.  You can find the whole article here.

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Celebrate Earth Day with Us

April 20th, 2018

LoAdebar is pleased to be part of the inaugural Chattanooga Earth Day Festival. It is going to be a day jam-packed with fun for all ages, on the beautiful grounds of Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center. 

Special events include a three and seven mile trail race, stand-up paddle board and mountain bike demos, live music, hot air balloon rides, food trucks, Chattanooga Brewing Company Beer, Chattanooga Whiskey, guided hikes, a guided moonlight paddle trip, an evening film and more!

These events will coincide with the long established and incredibly popular Native Plant Sale that occurs on the Reflection Riding property. The Vendor Expo area will be located at the 'heart' of the event site and will be directly adjacent to the location of the Native Plant Sale.


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