Customer Testimonials

"I tried the bars and gave them away to several of my clients. They all have given positive feedback. My personal experience is that they are very satisfying and tasty. Perfect for the office where I can take a bite and savor it; it lasted all afternoon. I appreciate the organic ingredients and feel confident in recommending your bars to my clients who, for whatever reason, find it difficult to grab something healthy to get them through their day. I can see your bars playing an important role in the over all commitment to health my clients are trying to make."

Pamela Kelle, Registered Dietitian (RD) and Licensed Nutrition Therapist (LDN)

"Since I'm always on the look-out for new and yummy things, I just have to share my latest find with you! I recently tried a new energy bar called loAdebar (Loaded Energy Bar. . .get it?) and it was AMAZING! Not only was it super tasty, but it’s chock full of natural, certified organic ingredients. Nothing processed in these puppies! Ya'll have to try these!"

Leanne Ely

" I am a paraplegic, being paralyzed from the chest down.  Since nothing from that level down works, I have to rely on laxatives, etc., to make things "move".  After eating one LoAdebar a day, I was able to cut out the laxatives. They are SO GOOD and eliminate the need for laxatives." 

Teresa K


"Wow! The bars are awesome! .....and gone already."   Troy B

"These bars are delicious!! Oh my goodness! They really are!"  Gina W

"My sister-in-law and brother-in-law shared with us. I enjoyed it so much I looked up your website on the bar and ordered immediately! the bars are GREAT!!! I'm so glad to have found you all. I'll be ordering more!"   Wren W.

Your bars are AMAZING!!! I'm planning  to place an order and stock up for myself and my "martial artist" son. It is NOT easy to impress me--I dislike (and/or have an intolerance to) most foods. But I was absolutely THRILLED to have discovered these yummy, healthy gems. PLEASE keep making them!!! :) Thank you!   Dana

I enjoyed your product very much.  I actually put it to a test--when I was hungry and could not eat lunch right away--I believe it did what it promised.  It helped with the hunger and got me thru work time until I could get go lunch.  Bonita

"Thanks sooo much for the rescue and SAG wagon in the mountains today! Your Loadebar and an Italian ice back @ the stadium served as great recovery fuel. :) Well balanced cascade of dates, nuts, and berries and superbly moist to back it up."   Michael S

 "I am a runner who does long distance races... I like a healthy bar for pre, post and sometimes during races and training. I am very conscious of reading the labels.  Your bar is nice and clean, one of the best I have seen."  Ryan M

I love the loadebar. I eat one before I teach at the Y and before I play tennis. I played a 3 hour tennis match yesterday, ate a loadebar right before the match and felt great the entire time. Thank you loadebar. I have another match today and will visit the Health Shoppe for another loadebar!!  Jason

I tried the Real Dark Chocolate bar at Wired this morning, and it was awesome. Taste was great and the ingredient list is perfect! Michelle M

I tried both bars today at the airport and I loved them both and now I'm a fan so healthy and full of taste ! Yum! Alysia S