Ways to enjoy loadebar

Loadebar nutrition bars are all organic and all natural and make a great meal supplement, snack or breakfast bar. Here are some ways to add the natural, whole food ingredients of Loadebar to your lifestyle:

Before, During and After Exercise

The all natural ingredients in Loadebar are a great source of protein and "slow" carbohydrates that provide the right mix of fuel for your workout. They are also a great post-workout supplement to provide muscles with the nutrients they need during recovery.

Meal Replacement

Life can get pretty hectic. Finding time for a healthy meal can be tough. When your day gets busy or you're on the go, take along a LoAdebar. Nutrient dense, all natural and organic, you get a meal's worth of nutrition in a single serving.


While a Loadebar and a piece of fruit make a great breakfast, they are also delicious when crumbled and sprinkled on top of yogurt. You can also spread some natural almond butter or peanut butter on top for a savory, protein and calcium-rich treat.

After School Snacks

Instead of reaching for the cookies or chips when your kids get home from school, let them refuel with the fully loaded, nutritious Loadebar. They get all the nutrients they need without any of the sugar and preservatives in processed snack foods.