Meet The Team

Norma Maloney

Growing up in her native country of Guyana, South America, Norma Maloney has always been health conscious. Her desire to eat nutritiously eventually led to the creation of energy bars, as a portable snack her cyclist husband could enjoy while on the road. Turning her hobby into a business, Norma launched LoAdebar in 2011. Besides making energy bars, she enjoys traveling, walking, Zumba and cycling.

Norma and her husband Ralston recently celebrated 43 years of marriage. They have 2 adult children Kafi and Kwesi who live in Japan and Canada respectively. They enjoy their 4 grandchildren Asher, Yasmeen, Josiah and Zuriel whom they love visiting with as often as possible.


Ralston Maloney

My experience in Engineering and Cost Management has placed me in a unique position to help in the growth of LoAdebar. The opportunity to interact with talented triathletes and coaches during the total IM experience was invaluable and will provide a better understanding of their needs so that LoAdebar can serve them better.


Debra Elmore

Joining the LoAdebar team in September of 2013, Debra filled the position of Administrative Assistant. Sharing a love of exercise and passion for healthy eating, Debra became an integral part of LoAdebar's vision to encourage a healthy lifestyle for our families and our customers alike. In her off hours, she can be found hiking, kayaking and camping. Happily married to her husband Trace for the past 18 years, she enjoys spending time with their three kids Victoria, Adriana, and Gabriel.