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The Loadebar Story

By Founder Norma Maloney


In 1995 my husband took up cycling as a serious sporting activity in Canada. I began making energy bars from a friend’s very basic recipe to keep him energetic on those long rides. I fell in love with them myself, and the bars became a popular item amongst family and friends. In fact, the demand was often greater than I was able to supply. As the years went by, the basic recipe kept going through major adjustments as I became more health conscious. I thoroughly enjoyed making, eating and sharing the energy bars with others as a personal hobby. 

In August 2006, my daughter and son-in-law, both of whom worked in the fitness and health industry, returned from a fitness conference in Canada strongly encouraging me to turn my hobby into a business. They saw that there was a great need for a wholesome, tasty energy bar and that those available at the conference paled in comparison to mine. It was that day that the idea for the loAdebar business was born.

As I’ve pursued this new venture, my goal has been to provide a healthy product that is minimally processed and contains simple natural ingredients. I love to read food labels and I quickly return products to the shelf when the ingredient list consists of a large amount of preservatives and/or chemically processed items. I wanted a product that would benefit people of all ages and fitness levels and that would also meet the needs of the rising vegan community without compromising on taste. I wanted a product that not only contains the highest quality wholesome ingredients but is also affordable. I believe that after 4 years of experimentation, I have achieved these goals in this organic, nutritious loaded energy bar, loAdebar. 

 My passion is to see people enjoy good health by making wise nutritional and lifestyle choices. I believe that LoAdebar complements their healthy lifestyle choices. I have tasted several other energy bars that are on the market, and I am convinced that I have a product that will raise de-bar on nutritional energy bars.

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